Stefano Palcani started to build his professional background in 1985, as a 20 year-old kid, working with the architect Toni Facella Sensi. His experience consolidated and he met with success all over the world in furniture design, interior design and decoration, and furnishing details.


Today, Stefano Palcani is proud to present Unicodesign, a collection of unique pieces, created one by one with the invaluable help of the most talented and qualified Italian craftsmen.


With Unicodesign, Stefano Palcani expresses his own stroke, almost three-dimensional, the offspring and future of two ages: Art Decò and 70’s Design. Opposite shapes and elements melt harmonically in Unicodesign, as a dance, where contrast taps the rhythm. A unique collection, created piece by piece, and polished up meticulously by the Author himself.
Marble, perspex, metal, wood, and galuchat live together in Unicodesign as old mates.


recent works